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Christ the Redeemer


Lets Make it Simple

The mission is to create the ease, awareness, and ability of falling in Love with God and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.

  • This website is for the purposes of breaking down and away from all the things man evoked as a requirement of being good enough for God.

  • Once we remove mans way of thinking. We are left with the basics.

  • The basics are and always have been founded on Gods unconditional and never ending love for all of us.

  • Please browse and click on all the links. Anything underlined is attached to a link.

  • These links help us humans   understand the basics and go in more depth to help our comprehension and understanding for Gods love.

  • This website not only helps newbies or curious people it also helps to bring those who have got off track back to remembering our purpose. 

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